Divine Channeled MSG-St. Germain

27 May 2017

“My Beloveds, job well-done. This journey is truly just beginning, as we begin to set the stage for the New Age. The Heavens and Angels, sing in praise for the Victory of the St.GermainHarmonious Union of every Soul that chooses to take this path, of Divinity and Love.

The Angels stand at the ready to deliver the Justice and the Victory of these Unions. And, more so, we stand at the Ready to Serve you and your Highest-Good.

My Name is St. Germain, I Am. I have been among many of the great leaders of the world, guiding them, giving them access to bountiful direction and even more so, a clear-cut design and pathway of Success and Victory of their Divine Missions.

The world is in a major transition, the old-beliefs are changing into new, the un-serving thoughts and choices, are now becoming obsolete. You are beginning to wake- and walk into your most High of Purposes. And it is my greatest honor to be with you on this day, and every moment before and after, to bring forth the birth of Christ-Consciousness.

Oh! My Beloveds, the Angels are rejoicing. God, has spoken with our favor and has heard our most sought after Deliverance of Promises and Goods.

OH! Mighty I Am, be here and forever with us, as we bring forth the New! Come forth and bare your fruit, bring forth the Violet Consuming Flame, and all obstacles are now cleared. Go forth, in your MIGHTY RADIANCE!! And raise the vibration of all those that hear this call- raise their vibrations into the 9th Dimension, and allow them to be consumed with the comfortably light of Unconditional Love. Mighty I AM, go!! and bring forth the deliverance of the Promised New World.

My Beloveds, this is a time of great delight. Rise! Life, is shifting and changing. Remember, there is victory in your every moment, and that is where your focus should lie, in your path of Victory and Divine Love! The Brilliance of what is to come, is…

Your Beloved, Mighty I AM:

St. Germain”