What are Twin Flames?

27 May 17

Good Evening and again welcome!

In this post we are going to cover and de-myth some of those pesky fairy-tales of what is “truly” the difference between all of the many relationships and interactions that we have among our everyday encounters. So, it is best that we start to look at this rather “important” clarifying question(s):

What is the difference between a Twin Flame, Soul-Mates, and Karmic-Partners?

I am going to break down simply the main characteristics of these different relationships, and why each are so, very important to our experience on life today! Alright, are we ready!? Yes! Let’s get started:

Twin Flame: Perfect Mirror (Lover-Partner, Relationship for an Eternity)

Soul Mate(s): Perfect Match (Seasonal-Realtionships)

Karmic Relationship(s): Do not Exist

Twin Flames

Simply defined: your Twin Flame is your “perfect mirror”, meaning, they are exactly like “you”. When you meet your Twin Flame, it is almost like taking a gander and a step into the Twilight-Zone, because, this if you are like me, you are oddly attracted to this one-specific individual and then all of a sudden, it’s crazy upheaval, this person, this individual seems to be reading your mind, finishing your sentences, and even recalling “similar” results from their past, that so-oddly match to your same life experience.

Well, that is because your Twin Flame, is actually you! They are your Ultimate Lover, your Ultimate Partner, they are your same-soul Expression and Design, just in another Body. And, if we are going to be completely honest about things, you are the most “difficult” person you will ever have to work and live with. Or, at least, I know that I am, just because I am such a “SQUIRREL-Type” person. My attention has to be focused on 15-different subjects at once, for me to try to complete just one, imagine myself in a relationship with myself, it is almost as if the internal monologue that is in my mind, is actually being communicated by another person, sitting across the table from me.

Now let’s back things up and try to make this as simple as possible:

Your Twin Flame, is you! This is a really and I mean a really important distinction that needs to be said. Whatever decision you make, guess what your Twin Flame makes the same decision at the exact same time, if you choose to focus on personal-growth, and growing in your faith and connection with your Higher-Power, then guess what your Twin Flame will make that exact same decision. You two are “mirrors” simply because, when you look at them, you are literally, looking into the eyes of your own soul. Talk about deep right? And, it is no wonder, why so many people are off-put on the journey to meeting and having things work out with their Twin Flame.

With today’s society, stereotypes, shame, guilt, and every other lower-vibrational expression of Source Energy, that you are choosing to experience is just amplified and “up-heaved” right in-front of you, and to be-honest, most people haven’t made the decision to become Self-Aware, and to take the journey of coming into knowing of “who they truly are”. This is seemingly an unforgiving journey, however, this is the most liberating journey you can take, I digress.

Your Twin Flame, is you! YOUR SOUL- THE EXACT SAME SOUL in another vessel. With just a few different characteristic quirks (that I am sure that you’ll love- and they’ll love yours too).


Soul-Mates are just how the word says, they are mate(S), with a GIANT EMPHASIS on the existence of “multiple”. However, I will work to give these partnerships and collaborations the credit where credit is due!

Soul-Mate(s) is your “perfect-match”. Yes! You got it, they are some-what similar to your Twin Flame, save! One MAJOR Difference, a soul-mate is your “perfect-match” however, “match” is a relative term, and therefore, the level and the span of this collaboration can change depending on the circumstances. And, therefore, your Soul-Mate Interactions have to be measured on a scale from minimal to lasting impact and can be broken down into three-categories, listed below in descending order of importance:

Soul-Family: these are a collection of Different Twin-Flames that choose to manifest together during, in order, to experience Life together, or, to work on a Similar “purpose” with one-another. These individuals, stem from the exact same Spiritual Lineage, and always come into Life-Experiences, together, because they are a “perfect-match” to their Life/Soul-Purpose.

Relationships: these are tricky little bogarts, and bleed a little into- Karmic-Relationships. The difference between a Soul-Mate in a relationship and/ a Twin-Flame is one and I MEAN ONE IMPORTANT FACTOR, Soul-Mate Relationships come into your life experience for one reason and one-reason only, and that is to teach you a lesson, and they are designed to “leave”. Most people try to hang onto this relationship because they are their “perfect-match” for who they currently are, and no-one wants to loose their “First-Love” (yes! you’re right, the typically speaking, the first two-people you fall-in-absolute-love with are actually Soul-Mates, or loosely termed “False-twins”.). The purpose and lesson of these interactions are to teach you, one important lesson: First Soul-Mate encounter is to teach you, the necessity for Personal-Growth. Second, Soul-Mate encounter is to teach you, actually about “Love”. (this relationship, is the most difficult one-to work through, because they are most commonly, thought of as a persons True Twin Flame), this person, is actually meant to “break-your-heart”, for one-purpose, for you to allow God into your Life! (This is not, in everyone’s story, however, this is the general-format) if you learn this lesson sooner, rather than later, to “Grow-Self” and “Love-Open your Heart to God”, then you will actually skip this whole Soul-Mate Phase, and be on a quick and easy route to entering into your Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

Acquaintances/Friends: Now, this is where we get into the infinite expanse of the world. If you haven’t understood by now: every person in your life is your Soul-Mate. We are in this together! So, the next time, you cut-someone off on the Highway, just know that you were meant to cut-them-off and ruin their day!! We are always in a co-collaboration with every being on the entire planet, and every action that we take literally affects every other person on the planet in what seems like the smallest way, think “ripple-effect” or for my brain-whizzes out there: “String-Theory” and “Quantum Mechanics”. You will naturally find a “niche” and a community that will help support you along on your journey and for some reason they just don’t ever seem to go away? Well, these individuals are either apart of your Soul-Family, or, you are just so comfortable with them, that it just because Habit to be kin with them. This is alright, and appropriate, however, when you get to this point, I’d look at your life, and make sure you are not in a “rut”.

Karmic Relationships

Karmic Relationships, alright this “relationship” really and I mean “really” bothers me. I am going to put my bias aside and speak from a place of genuine understanding.

Karmic Relationships are simply put relationships that are believed to be brought into our life, due to either some great-transgression or/ amazing feat we committed in a previous life, and depending on the severity of this relationship, it is believed that we bring this relationship into our life, to “punish” us or/to “exalt” us.

In many different Eastern Cultures, the concept of “Karma”/”Dharma” is extremely important, and it helps to ensure that people are being self-aware enough to discern their actions. The concept I will say, was one that I loved for a really long-time. Things were held in-balance and harmony- it is like Newton’s Laws of Physics “For every action their is an equal and opposite reaction” type of thing. Therefore, the concept for me, scientifically speaking was very “true”. However, when Karma began to affect and enter into concepts like: Love, Divinity, Freedom, Social-Status and wealth I began to see that this concept could not be held as an “absolute” truth, and therefore, is not a Universal Law, and since it cannot be a Universal Law, it is actually not “true”- and gives me reason to believe that the concept of “karma” is just like Catholic Confession, you pray for Forgiveness and your Sins are wiped clean, you do bad you live a bad life and then you die and your slate is clean to be started all over again. It is a constant bartering system.

From my experience with Divine Wisdom and Spiritual Guidance, I have been led to accept another reality, “God does not Judge me, God is Unconditional Love-Loving Unconditionally” and therefore, if I choose to believe that I will experience a life of pain and suffering then-of course, I would experience my choice, and it works in its opposite.

It was a few years ago, that I was led into a deep-meditation, where I was given a special message: “The Cycle of Karma has been broken- and all-slates are cleared”.

Therefore, I will be the first to break the news to you, Karmic Relationships, DO NOT EXIST! These are only manifestations of your own mind, and culturally-programming, and it is possible to decree that you are FREE from the cycle of Karma, and you are now taking responsibility for the direction of your choices and your life. I would strongly urge and encourage you to state this decree is you believe you are in a “Karmic Relationship”:

“My cycle of Karma has ended, and all thoughts, beliefs, and patterns relating to Karma are now served and I am moving with now a clean-slate, in this life, I will no-longer create “Karma” to be lived out throughout the entire expanse of my existence!”

(This is was apart of one of the many Principles that I lived through, and it has been because of this, that I faced much more heart-ache and pain than what was necessary to be where I am today!)

To Sum it Up:

Twin Flame: Perfect Mirror (Lover-Partner, Relationship for an Eternity)

Soul Mate(s): Perfect Match (Seasonal-Realtionships)

Karmic Relationship(s): Do not Exist

 Guided Channeling and Transmission with St. Germain