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Gregory D Gulley II, Ascension Master, Specializing in Harmonious Union, and Divine Healing of the Separation Consciousness, and empowering the Chakra Energy Flow within the body. Through a specially designed technique and intuitive practice, Gregory is able to open a Divine Channel between God-Source Energy, in order, to provide Divine Guidance on “Blocks” and “Obstacles” that inhibits a person from Manifesting their perfect “Heaven on Earth”.  As a Master Creative Teacher, Gregory is able to work-in and invite the purest vibration of Unconditional Love, and teach how we are all in “Co-collaboration” with Source, Our Highest-Good, the Universe, and Life-Collectively, and once the blocks that separate us from this “good” are worked-through and released through Love, we step into an Empowerment that allows us to Create, Manifest, and Actualize, our dreams, desires, wants and needs.

Special Message From ME:


Of course, you may already know, my name is Gregory D Gulley II. I am coming into my Harmonious Union with my Twin Flame (TF) and I have been guided to move forward and share my insight with the entire world! I aim to provide my experiences and understanding in an “open-forum”. I actively work to live my life in a place of pure Unconditional Love, advocating Peace, Freedom and Light. Personally, about me, I have studied Spirituality since I was born on this planet, and when I first became “aware” that there was something “MORE” in the entire expanse of the Universe, I was four years old, and it all started with a thought, “Does my Sister see the same Green grass that I do, the same blue sky? What does it feel like to experience life as my Sister?”

Unknowingly to me, being only, four years old, that I set-myself up to exploring and living life as extremely emphatic, intuitive, and oddly gifted to Speak/See/Visualize events/scenarios/circumstances into-being. This overall, helped to expand and give-form to the vast understanding of the True Spiritual Reality of the 3D.”

A few years later, after graduating from high school, I was led on a very “intense” Spiritual Journey, exploring concepts, of life and death, the “void”, God, time, the Universe, and Unconditional Love! During this time, I was able to fully step-into and master several of the Spiritual Gifts and Theories that have been provided to me, from what I have coined “The Gift of Prophesy” (foresight), Energy Mastery (chakra system), the Violet Flame, Divine Channeling, Divine Healing, Manifestation, and much much more that would be too-much to speak on, on such a small-format. 

Through this studying and this research, I was led to my Twin Flame Journey, in order, to fully complete my Ascension Mastery of Spirituality and Self. This is where I am at today!

I am coming into my True Harmonious Union with My Beloved, and soon, we will be working alongside one another to whatever service God has for us, and I can only foresee that it is going to be absolutely delightful! 

I have been personally led by many Ascended Masters, Archangels, and Universal Guides, in order to complete my Spiritual Mission on this Earth– “manifesting, Heaven on Earth”. And therefore, it is my pleasure to be of service to every person that may happen upon this page, or along on our journey, of our Human Experience!!

More specifically, my purpose and direction is to Teach and Spread the message of Unconditional Love, Peace, and Divinity, through real-life, practical examples, to fully-showcase that we are all ONE, at our Core, and are all Beloved Expressions of God! Meaning, no matter our physical or spiritual “differences” at the end of this physical life, we are and will all come together as one, therefore, let’s begin to cultivate fully and completely, “HEAVEN ON EARTH”- no rather, remembering, that we are “HEAVEN ON EARTH”.

I wish you all very many blessings, and even more so, my heart is open, to assisting you on your journey, into Harmonious Union, or, to provide you information and guidance along on your Life-Journey.

We are Love. We are Blessed. We are Light.

Gregory D Gulley II”

Mighty I AM, come and go forth, in the power of Divine Love, and release to me from the Storehouse of Infinite Knowledge, the most comfortable, rewarding, and purpose-driven journey into revealing the Truth of Who I AM.

May the Rain of Blessings Fall. So Be it.

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Choose Self. Choose Illumination. Choose Connection. But, above ALL-CHOOSE LOVE.