Other Services


Tarot Card Readings

During this reading, I invite and open a channel for your Guardian Angels and the Archangels to Come Speak with me through Tarot Cards: in order, to provide you a specially Delivered Message for you. You are welcomed, to send in a question that you would like to ask your Angels to receive guidance, please note: “You’re Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides, are always available to assist you along on your journey, and are always responding to your Highest Good, and your Heart and Love.

Three-Card Angel Reading:  Regular Price: $39

Divine Guidance Reading

The Divine Guidance Reading, is a mixture of both Tarot Readings, Angel Guidance, and Divine Source Guidance, in order, to provide you with the most complete answer for your question(s). These Readings are specifically tailored to your individual Soul-Expression of Source Energy, and are able to offer you assistance and guidance on the many varying facets of life! It is important, to note: that all decisions, that are made in-love is always the most perfect and “right” answer for you and the direction that you are moving in your life.

One-Question Divine Guidance: Regular Price: $29

Three-Question Divine Guidance: Regular Price: $69

Energy Guidance Readings

This is a specially designed Reading that I have been guided to create through the assistance of Archangel Metatron. After opening, a clear channel of communication with your energy field, I am going to be able to sense, any blocks and dense energy within your Chakra System, and provide you resources and materials to clear the blocks within your energy. To learn more about Chakra and my Research with Archangel Metatron, please click this link.

Chakra Energy Reading, and Guidance for Healing: Regular Price: $199

Master’s Courses

These are specially designed courses that I am being led to develop with Ascended Master Melchizedek, and will be available to you in the coming weeks/months, as the world becomes ready to welcome in the New Age of Ascension Mastery. It is Melchizedek’s pleasure to provide guidance throughout your Ascension Process, and therefore, is beyond excited to work through me, to assist you.

Manifestation: Master’s Course *coming soon*

Divine Channeling: Master’s Course *coming soon*

Violet Flame: Master’s Course *coming soon*

Mighty I AM, come and go forth, in the power of Divine Knowledge, and expand my Divine Channels to receive fully, completely, the purest, clear, and concise message that I am to receive and expand-in.

May the Rain of Blessings Fall. So Be It. 


Choose Expansion. Choose Acceptance. Choose Belonging. But above ALL-CHOOSE LOVE.