TFU Coaching


I’d like to invite you along on this journey, and I am available to personally assist you come into Harmonious Union, with your Beloved. Let us work together!

I would like to personally invite you to reach out to me, and schedule a time where we can meet (for One-FREE Consultation), and then partner together regularly to work-through any blocks that you may encounter and block you from manifesting your perfect “Heaven on Earth”. 

As we work together, on your journey, we will be able to work through all of the blocks that maybe in your way from you claiming your Harmonious Union. The guidance that is provided during our Coaching Session(s) are Divinely Channeled, from God Source, through welcoming-in and inviting the Vibration of Harmonious Union and Unconditional Love, the environment of our meeting(s) and appointment(s) will be flexible between Skype Session(s), and Google-Hang-Out Session(s).

Free: 15-Min Video Consultation: Meet and Greet (By Appointment Only):

Contact Me Now to Schedule a Free Consultation

90 Min Personal Video Coaching Session:

Regular Price: $99 Limited Time OfferSpecial Rate $69

Monthly Rate, once a week: (4) 60 Min Video Personal Coaching Session(s):

Regular Price: $199 Limited Time OfferSpecial Rate $149

Unlimited Monthly Email Correspondence Coaching (recurring payment):

Regular Price: $999 Limited Time Offer-Special Rate: $499

The Outline and Course Materials that are offered on this site, are completely FREE for you, and your journey. I do welcome you to come and begin your journey, and if you are able to gain any clarity on this journey, I’d like to invite you to donate to Twin Flames University.Click Here to Donate Now! Thank you!

Mighty I AM, come and go forth, in the power of Divine Love, and harmonize every person, place, and scenario that must be harmonized for my Journey.

May the Rain of Blessings Fall. So Be it.


Choose Clarity. Choose Forgiveness. Choose Security. But, above ALL CHOOSE LOVE.