Twin Flames University Course Outline


Intro: What are Twin Flames? How are they different from a Soul-Mated/ Karmic-Partner??

  1. The Decree
  2. The Development of the Understanding of “Unconditional Love”/ Higher-Power/ God-Source Creation
  3. Developing a Relationship with the God of your Understanding/Practice of Your Understanding- and why this is important
  4. Surrender to God
  5. The Mirror Exercise/ White Light Meditation
  6. Twin-Flame Introduction, Bench-Exercise
  7. Your “WISH LIST”—the Non-Negotiables
  8. Intro to Affirmations, Power of Decrees
  9. Healing Separation Conciousness (Blocks, Fears, of God, Yourself and Your Beloved)
    1. Write a List of all of your known Fears
    2. Write a list of all of your Defects of Character (that you find to be Unlovable)
    3. Write a list of all the Pain and “bad” that you have experienced in your life
    4. Common Blocks to Union, and how to work through them
  10. How to Reckognize your Twin Flame
  11. Surrending Control to your Higher Power/ Intro to the Violet Flame
  12. Inviting your Twin Flame, into your Experience, and “Setting-it-Up”: focusing on your Relationship with God
  13. Mirror Exercise to THE EXTREME (Goal: Eyes of Compassion)
  14. The Reunion
    1. Friends
    2. Partners
    3. Lovers/Harmonious Union
  15. Harmonious UNON TIME!!!
    1. The Exchanging of VOWS—Violet Flame Harmonious Union Ceremony

Other Tips and tricks that you may, Find Useful on your Experience of Life

  1. Box Breathing
  2. Did you know there are two types of meditation? How to use both.
    1. Calm and Relaxation
    2. Change and Transformation
  3. How to Use the “Third-Eye” and the Activation of the Third-Eye, tips tricks,and caution
  4. How to open the Sacred Chamber of the Heart and the Altar of God.
  5. How to Balance the Sacral Chakra and use the Sacral chakra for Manifestation?
  6. How to activate Kundalini Energy, before your Tantric Union?
  7. Opening the Crown Energy to bring Balance and Harmony Throught your body and experience
  8. Opening the Throat Chakra for Decrees and Prayer
  9. Opening the Solar Plexus Chakra for Resonance, Motivation, and Will Power, opening yourself to your Divine Truth
  10. How to Effectively “Ground’ Yourself
  11. A course work in Miracles, activating the Holy Grail Matrix, and the 12-Stranded DNA, Meditation.
  12. Self-Healing, through Group Collective Consciouness, Mahtma Energy
  13. Platinum Ray of Light
  14. The Truth about the Violet Fire
  15. White Light Meditations
  16. Manifesting Anything you WANT, DESIRE, or NEED!!
  17. Communicating with Angels, Archangels, and for the Select Few: Seraphim.


Mighty I AM, come and go forth, in the power of Divine Love, and expand my mind in wisdom and see compassionately myself and my beloved.

May the Rain of Blessings Fall. So Be it.


Choose Wisdom. Choose Power. Choose Eternity. But, above ALL CHOOSE LOVE.