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Manifest Heaven on Earth

We have been working diligently to provide you with content that is easy-to-read, easy-to-follow. A “Step-by-Step” guide on how to take yourself from Separation to Harmonious Union, with God and your Beloved. The platform that we are offering, is a two-fold system. We have been led to create a platform where you have the ability to move at your own pace, into Harmonious Union, creating a library of experiences on the Twin Flame Journey and Ascension Path, and some known ways on how to work through some of the “common-blocks” that may stop you from Fully Claiming your Beloved and entering into your Harmonious Union.

We are working to provide you the most accurate and Divinely Guided answers to some of those core blocks, and we would like to invite you to join us on this journey.

The Twin Flames University Course Outline, is provided to you at no cost, information and my personal experience and the Divinely Channeled messages from Source are all compiled to supply you the ability to move through your Twin Flame Journey at your own pace, and at the most economic rate possible!

As well, if you “feel” stuck and unable to work through a particular “part” of your journey and would like to work directly with “Me”, I do provide Coaching Sessions that maybe found on my “TFU-Coaching” Page. This is where we can work together, personally, on some of those hard and tricky parts of this journey.

It is my aim to provide this information to you, in the most complete, and coherent way possible, and I am always opened for suggestions, and would love to provide clarity for you on any of the information that is presented to assist you on your journey! If during your reading and studying you find what is presented is “confusing” please feel free to “Contact Me” and I will be sure to clarify the information. Also, I’d like to invite you to check out my “Resources Tab“, where I have linked my personal mentors and coaches information, tools, and resources for your own purchase. As well, links to a few of my personal Soul-Family’s websites, and the products and services that they offer!

I’d love to invite you on this journey, and even more so, am available to assist you work through this journey and to provide Spiritual Guidance for you, in just about every facet of your life. Just check out my “Other Services” tab.

The Outline and Course Materials that are offered on this site, are completely FREE for you, and your journey. I do welcome you to come and begin your journey, and if you are able to gain any clarity on this journey, I’d like to invite you to donate to Twin Flames University. Click Here to Donate Now! Thank you!

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Mighty I AM, come and go forth, in the power of Divine Justice, and cut away the Victory of our Twin Flame Harmonious Union.

May the Rain of Blessings Fall. So Be It.


Choose Peace. Choose Joy. Choose Freedom. But, above ALL CHOOSE LOVE.